Blender 3ds importer addon recoverd vesion

REAL state gamerz
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Important -the price of the addon will be increased by $10 due to collaboration fees

Caution ⚠️

  1. This addon imports only 3ds file from 2008 to 2018 version as it recovered by me for old libraries made for a long time ago
  2. It will be able to import the new 3ds format but there some errors like exploded drawing and missing textures from dos mode
  3. For better import use models with applied transforms in new versions of 3ds

hey there is a good news for old Autodesk users

so guy's this is my new recovered add-on from blender 2.79 to 3.0
specially made for auto desk user who were facing troubles in importing
3ds into blender and who made many LIBRARIES of 3ds in past

  • And after all there is no effect on topology of model it just converts quads into tris

  • note it works for importing 3ds files and without autodesk 3ds max and it is only used for importing .3ds files, not for  .max .

Real state gamerz

Blender Software Version2.92, 2.93, 3.0


Attention Made for 3ds version older then 2020

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Blender 3ds importer addon recoverd vesion

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